Saturday, September 28, 2013

Elijah boy

Lately, the kids love chasing Teagan around.  She is getting to be a nicer kitty and tolerates their antics pretty well these days.  Elijah has even been brave enough now to start picking her up and carrying her. Braver than me.

 Really, she is more snuggly than she looks.
Here is a wonderful sweet picture that elijah drew.  He says it is me and him.  "Dis is me and my mama!"  Love love.
 He loves his stuffed animals, nothing new, still adorable.
 And he is in soccer now!  It is really just a small hoard of 3-5 year olds running in the same general direction of the ball for 45mins.  Elijah really loves it and does pretty well!  He caught on pretty quick and even scored a legit goal! (and some not so legit ones that may have involved kicking the ball past the goal, picking it up, putting it in front of the goal and kicking it in)  Either way, no one is really keeping score and most of the kids have a great time just running.
Fall is here.

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