Saturday, September 28, 2013

Elijah boy

Lately, the kids love chasing Teagan around.  She is getting to be a nicer kitty and tolerates their antics pretty well these days.  Elijah has even been brave enough now to start picking her up and carrying her. Braver than me.

 Really, she is more snuggly than she looks.
Here is a wonderful sweet picture that elijah drew.  He says it is me and him.  "Dis is me and my mama!"  Love love.
 He loves his stuffed animals, nothing new, still adorable.
 And he is in soccer now!  It is really just a small hoard of 3-5 year olds running in the same general direction of the ball for 45mins.  Elijah really loves it and does pretty well!  He caught on pretty quick and even scored a legit goal! (and some not so legit ones that may have involved kicking the ball past the goal, picking it up, putting it in front of the goal and kicking it in)  Either way, no one is really keeping score and most of the kids have a great time just running.
Fall is here.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

State Fair duh

I don't know if you all recall THIS handsome fellow,

But he and his sweet mama came to visit us in august along with the house fave Papa Mickey!

 Papa came a few days before Jules and H so we got in some chill time before we were off on the great MN adventure!  We started at the MOA, or Mall of America for you non MN residents.  There is, of course, a theme park inside the mall so we got in some ride time.

 There is also an aqaurium at the mall, and although we did not go through it, we did get in some shark cage action.

For some reason, H sure liked this Tony guy.  He doesnt take quickly to many people, maybe it was the beard.
 We made it over the Minneapolis sculpture garden because the cherry on the spoon!  Why do I feel like I'm the only person who knows what this is and I didnt grow up here? Come on people! Cherry on the spoon! Its been in like, movies and stuff!

 And the State Fair. oh the State Fair.  I practically made Julie plan her trip around going to the Fair.  And I hope it was everything I hyped it up to be.  Because it IS THAT GOOD.  Food food food some rides food food and tons of walking! Oh and a giant sing a long

 The kids got to be farmers at the fair.  Cuties. Unfortunately my battery got low and i could only take two pics of the whole thing! Poor planning on my part.
 Evie handed out some back rubs.
 And H modeled a TWCF shirt for me.  With cheddar bunnies

 Then Jules and H were back off to DC to prep for their move to London (booo and yay! at the same time) But Papa stuck around for another few days so we headed up north to Duluth to see Lake Superior!

Beautiful to say the least.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Our natural habitats

Evie loves to "do da wurk out"  Here is her best friend Megan coaching her on the deadlift.
Pretty good form for a 3 year old.  And she can almost deadlift more than her bodyweight.  thats like 35 lbs.  Nice.
 We did a lot of swimming this summer.  In early Aug, the kids took swimming lessons! However, Evie did not appreciate that other kids were there.  and that there were teachers. and that you were expected to 'participate'.  Here is Evie, not participating.

She basically splashed in the opposite corner of the pool for 45mins while Elijah could hardly get enough of it.  He pratically would tackle his teachers when they would play games in the water.
 By the last two days, Evie decided she was cool with class, as long as they were in the BIG pool.  None of this kiddie pool crap.

 Overall, Elijah was cleared for the next level, so long that he learns to control himself better (the reason he failed last year womp woomp) and Evie was not simply due to the fact that she really did not do swimming lessons.  Fair enough.
We went to the zoo a couple times this summer. I cannot say enough about the MN Zoo.  There might not be a whole lot of animals, but I'll be darned if it feels like zoo. It's more like a wild life refuge.  with exotic animals.  The animals have these vast expanses and grouped with other animals that they would share a habitat with in the wild. its really neat to see.
 Here is another exhibit at the zoo that I can really appreciate.  Splash pad.

 In their natural habitat.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Summer Jam

Summer cry session.  Shoe shopping fail.
 Summer bagel eatin kindle watching session
 Summer corn hole session
 Summer swim lesson fail.
 Summer goat grooming

Summer Squeak session

Friday, September 20, 2013


July was spent lounging when we could, and going around town, exploring West St Paul where Elijah was doing a summer preschool program and some neighborhood fun.
Sleeping with any and all of his stuffed animals.  I did not arrange them like this.
 Chalk art projects.
 Highland fest.  We walked around exploring the neighborhood business that had booths set up with little goodies to win and we came upon a greyhound rescue.  Adorbs.
Hitting up the games and rides at Highland Fest.
 Big day when Elijah lost his first tooth!  I couldn't believe it when he told me his tooth was loose.  Lo and behold, a few days later out it came! I was worried that it fell out prematurely like it got knocked out or something, but sure enough a little tooth is popping through and growing in the baby tooths place.  phew.
 Evie still loves her naps.  Good girl.
 Evie and I had a couple hours to ourselves while Elijah went to preschool, so we would go to various places.  One of the favorites was the pet store.  She loved looking at the hamsters and kitties and chinchillas!
 And of course, we couldn't miss the CrossFit Games.  Best watched with a bowl of Mac and Cheese.

Evie practices her Kung Fu.  A Master in the making.